Kids Run the Nation Program Running…Well… Strong

The Road Runners Club of America’s Kids Run the Nation youth running program is running stronger than ever in helping kids put one foot after the other.

KidsRUnThe official youth running program of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), Kids Run the Nation offers tools and resources for organizing youth running programs in schools, after-school programs, community centers, homeless shelters, and other local venues.  In 2007, the RRCA developed the Kids Run the Nation Fund to assist these organizations in implementing and enhancing new or currently established programs.

A long list of sponsors are helping the cause, including Feetures, w hose support will increase the RRCA’s grant giving ability by 50% for 2016, allowing for grants to be awarded to an additional 10-15 deserving youth running programs.

Feetures!, a performance running sock maker, has partnered with the As the top pledge supporter for 2016, contributing funds toward a grant-making effort supporting local and regional youth running programs across the nation. “The missions of Feetures! and Kids Run the Nation are closely aligned in working to encourage healthy lifestyles through physical activity,” says Feetures’ Joe Gaither.  “We’re thrilled to provide the Kids Run the Nation Fund with this opportunity to reach more children and foster the next generation of runners.”

Organizers are glad for the help, as it means more kids “It’s inspiring to see a run specialty brand like Feetures! contributing to the future of the sport in such a meaningful way,” says Erica Gminski, RRCA Youth Programs Coordinator. “By increasing our grant making abilities by 50% in 2016, Feetures! will help the Kids Run the Nation program get closer to achieving our vision of a locally managed youth running program in every grade school in the U.S.”

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