Yoga for Kids Going Strong (Thanks to Story-telling Component)

The benefits of yoga aren’t just for adults anymore. While kids like pretzels, a company in Denver, Tall Tales Yoga, has them contorting into the shape of them while ensuring their engagement by offering yoga through storytelling in local schools. The concept, it maintains, supports children’s whole health including physical, emotional, and mental development…



Through eBooks and audiobooks that combine yoga poses throughout stories, Front Range kids get the benefit of yoga as exercise while also working out their minds and imagination through storytelling, visualization and auditory processing.

Tall Tales Yoga’s newest eBooks and audiobooks ( are for parents, teachers and caregivers to teach kids yoga through storytelling at home or in the classroom. The company was founded by Levi Noe, an entrepreneur who wanted to combine his three greatest passions – writing, yoga and teaching. “I wanted to create a program that positively impacted kids, and that I was also passionate about,” he says. “Kids often absorb information best when they don’t know they are learning, and kids don’t realize how much they are actually taking in when they are listening to a story and doing yoga at the same time. It’s a fun and creative way to get kids moving, using their imaginations, and exercising a number of cognitive and developmental skills.”

Tall Tales Yoga’s storytelling focuses on improving executive functions, motor skills, thinking, auditory processing, visual and spatial processing, sustained and divided attention, emotional self-regulation, and language in kids ages 3 through 11 years old.

Noe recently released three eBooks and audiobooks to that effect, including The Fisherman’s Friends, The Woodchopper and the Beaver, and The Lion who Couldn’t Roar. It also just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will help the company print their yoga-based eBooks (

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