Wiley X Eyewear takes Kids Fishing on San Fran Bay

Youngsters in the Bay Area got an up close look at Captain Hook at the end of September when sunglass manufacturer Wiley X Eyewear and pro bass angler Skeet Reese took kids from Lorenzo Manor Elementary School, in Hayward, CA, our for a day of fishing on San Francisco Bay.

Captain Hook was the name of the 50-foot charter boat Wiley X chartered for the kids-outdoors task. The trip took place on Sept 18 out of Emeryville Sportfishing. Along with church volunteers, Reese and his two daughters devoted the day to make sure these kids had plenty of attention, affection, and fishing help. Meanwhile, Wiley X made sure their eyes were well protected. Other sponsors included Plano Molding Company, Okuma Fishing Tackle, Top Brass Tackle and B.A.S.S.

An added bonus was having B.A.S.S. Angler-of-the-Year Reese along to help them catch fish (and untangle lines). “It’s always a heartwarming experience to share my love of fishing with kids,” he says. “Enjoying a day on the water through the eyes of a young boy or girl — it’s like going fishing for the first time again.”

“We felt that all these smiles were a cause for celebration, and we wanted to share an example of the huge hearts in so many superstars of this sport,” says Wiley X sales manager Mark Fisher. “In May, Skeet organized a fishing day near his home in Meadow Vista, Calif., that introduced several hundred youngsters to fishing. So this Bay Trip is completely within character for them.”

The bite this day wasn’t wide open, but that didn’t really matter. The youngsters reeled in a few short and legal-sized halibut, some smelt, a keeper-sized striped bass and a small smoothound shark (always a big hit with kids). And the true catch of the day, says Fisher, was simply getting the kids out on the bay.

And not one line to untangle...

Info: www.wileyx.com.

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