SNEWS Interview: American Hiking Society’s Gregory Miller

In an exclusive interview with outdoor industry news publisher SNEWS, Gregory Miller, president of the American Hiking Society, espouses upon the group’s new Families on Foot Initiative, an effort to direct a bright spotlight on the importance families play in getting younger people outdoors….

GoldLake2010 008SNEWS: What do the numbers look like for American families getting out for hikes? Are we seeing higher, lower, steady figures?
Miller: One point I’d like to really highlight is our expanded concept of ‘family’ on the trail. At American Hiking Society, we support the broadest possible interpretation of ‘family’ in our Families on Foot program. Youth (under 18 years) caregivers of all types — husband and wife, grandparents, same-sex couples, single parents and more should feel included, inspired and welcome to get out on the trail. The Outdoor Foundation reports that more than half of all married couples and those living with domestic partners are outdoor participants. The youngest generation got out to enjoy an outdoor recreation activity almost five billion times with an annual average of 99 outings….

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