OutdoorBaby Network Launched; New Social Network for Outdoor Families

A new social site has been launched to help families network about getting outdoors. In partnership with authors Jen Aist, Nicole Beinstein Strait and Margaret Emerson, and parent bloggers Heidi Ahrens and Melynda Coble-Harrison, OutdoorBabyNetwork.com aims to help families get outside…

For nearly three years OutdoorBaby.com has provided families with stories, gear reviews and ideas on how to be better prepared to play outdoors. “With OutdoorBabyNetwork, our new social network site, we hope to offer families more tools to find the information they need to do so,” says Ahrens. “Partnering with Jennifer Aist (Babes in the Woods, The Mountaineers Books), Nicole Beinstein Strait (co-author with George Stranahan of Phlogs: journey to the heart of the human predicament), Melynda Coble-Harrison (Ski Trails of Southwest Montana)and Margaret Emerson (Contemplative Hiking along the Colorado Front Range) will add depth to our coverage.”

The site’s launch coincides with last year’s No Child Left Inside Act and the declaration of declared June as Great Outdoor Month. “The goal is to raise children who feel a connection to the earth and who are invested in the joy that the outdoors brings to their lives,” says Ahrens. “In addition, we can better ensure that our efforts to create a cleaner, more sustainable future is supported and embraced by our children. Our responsibility as folks who “think green” is to share with children our knowledge and passions in a way that will lead them to make their own commitments to action. Kids (adults too) love to play. We make sure that through play they have a connection to the natural world, and later grow into caring and responsible stewards of the earth.

“Outdoor play–whether it be climbing, playing in a field, hiking, surfing, or canoeing–offers children opportunities to experience nature in a real and meaningful way,” she adds. “The site is a chance to not only ensure that our own children grow up with an understanding of the sacredness of our planet, but also to share the know-how with other families who may not have as much knowledge.”

Info: www.OutdoorBabynetwork.com

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