“Exodus” Family Plans Movement of Ja families in 37,000-mile trek across U.S.

U.S., Here We Come: Exodus Family Jen, Rolf and Tayden Dengler

Rolf, Jen and their son, Tayden, are taking Bob Marley’s Exodus to heart. Only instead of championing Movement of the People, they’re pushing the cause for families.
With Tayden, 18 months, in tow, the parents are taking off on their Exodus Family expedition this May, embarking on a route that will take them 37,000 miles throughout the U.S., from Alaska to Maine.

“Exodus Family was created on the belief that adventure should not end with parenthood,” says Jen, who also reps for Mountain Mama. “Rolf and I knew that regardless of parenthood we would still dedicate our time to exploring the world. With the birth of a baby comes changes to exploration, but it’s still possible.”

The idea came about after a trip to Australia, with the couple wanting another adventure that would be an easy transition for Tayden so he, too, would grow to love exploration. After discussing ideas and reading “Last Child in the Woods,” they decided the answer lay in their back yard exploring America’s wilderness areas. “Our mission is to inspire, motivate, educate, and empower other families to get outside and explore America,” says Jen. “We realized that so many families dream of far off destinations and they forget the beauty that is in America. America is filled with natural wonders and we felt it would be the perfect setting to introduce Tayden to all there is to see and explore.”

To find the ideal route, they pinpointed key areas in the United States, knowing that they wanted to explore every state over the course of one year. “Playing a quick game of connect the dots, we found a route that will wind us 37,000 miles throughout the US and take us through all the amazing wilderness areas from Alaska to Maine,” Jen adds. “This is by no means a family vacation – it’s taken an exceptional amount of time and planning to figure out the best plan as a family and the best way to reach thousands of people so that we can in fact raise awareness, bring support to our charities and partners, and inspire more families to reconnect with nature. We look forward to teaching Tayden and other kids the value of spending time outside.”

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