Product of the Month: Deuter Solves Load-em-in Conumdrum with Kid Comfort Pack

Kid Loading Tantrums Begone!

Product of the Month: Deuter Solves Kids Pack Load-em-in Conumdrum

The clock starts the moment you decide to insert your beloved offspring into the five-point-security-harness-worthy-of-a-NASCAR-driver-or-F16-pilot. And it ends when the pack is mounted on your back and you’re headed down the trail. In between? Avoiding a parental panic attack while you insert a wiggling kid’s leg into a harness loop, much like fitting a football into a coffee cup, and adjust the harness, like putting a pair of suspenders on an octopus. Enter the Deuter Kid Comfort child carrying backpack, which defuses the 10-second toddler time bomb with a simple, brilliant touch….

The Deuter Kid Comfort opens (gasp!) wide from the side, like the sliding door of a minivan, allowing kids to step into the pack and virtually buckle themselves.

The pack also comes with 3D air mesh shoulder straps and anatomically shaped fins that substantially increase the comfort of the parent; a Vari-Quick adjustable torso system for quick changes from mom-sherpa to dad-sherpa; a detachable-washable child pillow; a zippered diaper compartment; a rear-view mirror stored in the hip pocket so you can confirm nap time; and, of course, a Deuter teddy bear.
What we like: The concave and comfortable pivoting Vari Flex hip fins, which deliver uber-comfort when carrying a heavy load. The sit perfectly and distribute the weight evenly to the hips. And all this saves energy, which you’ll need again as soon as your kid steps back out of the pack.

Deuter Kid Comfort III Details:
Vari Quick adjustment system, anatomically shaped shoulder straps with 3D mesh lining
pull-forward hip belt
side entry for the children’s seat is both convenient and safe
child specific soft padded 5-point safety harness with effortless size adjustment function
higher padded headrest with integrated sun roof for more comfort and safety
sturdy, state-of-the-art frame construction
kneepads on the frame
breathable child seat cushions
two handles
detachable, washable extra soft padded pillow for the sweetest of dreams several flexible storage options: mesh front pocket with zipped outer pocket, mesh side pockets, large zipped compartment under the seat, long zipped compartment for hydration system or rain cover (accessory), hip fin pocket
rear view mirror stored in the hip pocket
reflective loop for safety light
mesh pockets with teddy.

Material: Deuter-Ripstop 210 / Deuter-Ballistic Nylon
7 lbs 10 oz
Volume:1220 cubic inches
Size:35 / 15 / 13 (H x W x D) Inch
MSRP: $299

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