Get Those Kids Sliding: January is Learn to Ski Month; Colo. Resorts Roll Out the Specials

Now there’s no excuse not to get your kids schussing. This January, Colorado Ski Country USA invites skiers and snowboarders of all ages to take up the sport during Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. And its resorts are rolling out the red carpet to help… Lesson deals and specials on learning packages abound all … Read more →

Ski Tips for Your Pre-schooler!

Advice from the trenches: Patience, preparation and fun are key to teaching your kindergartener to ski. By Suzie Romig As alpine skiing and snowboarding buffs and parents of a preschooler, we were ready to put our son on skis at age 3 and a half. He had decent balance and strength and was beyond bathroom … Read more →

Outdoor Foundation Releases 2011 Outdoor Participation Report

Like the mountains families often play in, there are ups and downs, and a few flats, in youth participation in the outdoors. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s recently released 2011 Outdoor Participation Report, there was no significant growth in 2010 in terms of kids getting outdoors, but there were also significant drops as in years … Read more →

Read It Here: Kennedy’s The Soft American

On Dec. 26, 1960, President-elect John F. Kennedy penned a piece for Sports Illustrated touting the importance of “physical soundness” for Americans — for kids and grown-ups alike. A precursor to today’s America’s Great Outdoor Initiative, which encourages families to get outdoors, it hit the outdoor nail on the proverbial head. Read on to see … Read more →

Take a Child Outside Week September 24-30

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to take a child outside (hopefully, you never have), now you have one: Sept. 24-30 is national Take A Child Outside Week, a program designed to help break down obstacles that keep children from discovering the natural world. “By arming parents, teachers and other caregivers with resources on outdoor … Read more →

Keen’s Hybridlife Radio Interviews Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids Author

Outdoor footwear brand Keen has built a corporate philosophy around promoting an active yet sustainable lifestyle, often with kids in tow. To help promote their “hybrid life” philosophy, they recently teamed with Portland-based radio company Pagatim to produce “Hybridlife Radio,” a weekly program launched by Laura and Todd Mansfield, the parents of two small boys … Read more →

Colorado Senator Mark Udall Campaigns to Get Kids Outdoors

Many know him for representing their interests on Capitol Hill. But Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) – an, ahem, endorser of Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids — is now championing another cause every bit as important: getting kids outside. Read on for his recent letter imploring people for ideas to connect kids with Mother Nature… Dear Fellow … Read more →

Steamboat Powdercats Family Kids Powder Pups Adventure

Who says kids skiing has to be confined to chairlifts at resorts? Certainly not Steamboat Powder Cats, which recently ran its first ever kids cat skiing trip atop Buff Pass in Steamboat Springs, Co. Joining our two daughters, Casey, 7, and Brooke, 12, piling in snowcat named “Tigger” were five other kids aged 2-7, all … Read more →

Steamboat’s Winter Carnival: Fun for All Ages

Two years shy of its 100th anniversary, Steamboat’s annual Winter Carnival is the longest-running winter carnival west of the Mississippi. While them could certainly be braggin’ words, that goes against the whole concept of the event, whose purpose is to bring kids and the community together to have good old fashioned fun while raising money … Read more →

Mountain Mama Wins Outdoor Inspiration Award

Want inspiration to get your kids outdoors? You’ll find it at Mountain Mama, a maternity clothing company founded by Teresa Delfin, which recently won the 2011 Outdoor Inspiration Award from the Outdoor Industry Association. “I began making plans for Mountain Mama in 2008 while I was pregnant, but I waited until my son, Fausto, turned … Read more →