Mountain Mama Announces Winners of Inaugural Outdoor Family Award™

Now there are some accolades for companies helping women and children get outdoors. To honor companies in the outdoor industry who support women and families to get outside, Mountain Mama recently introduced its Outdoor Family Award™, with five categories including Outdoor Parent, Nursing Mama, Outdoor Baby, Outdoor Kid and Outdoor Pet. Following each Outdoor Retailer … Read more →

Outdoor Foundation Releases 2011 Outdoor Participation Report

Like the mountains families often play in, there are ups and downs, and a few flats, in youth participation in the outdoors. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s recently released 2011 Outdoor Participation Report, there was no significant growth in 2010 in terms of kids getting outdoors, but there were also significant drops as in years … Read more →

Read It Here: Kennedy’s The Soft American

On Dec. 26, 1960, President-elect John F. Kennedy penned a piece for Sports Illustrated touting the importance of “physical soundness” for Americans — for kids and grown-ups alike. A precursor to today’s America’s Great Outdoor Initiative, which encourages families to get outdoors, it hit the outdoor nail on the proverbial head. Read on to see … Read more →

Sasha DiGiulian Becomes 1st American Woman to Climb 5.14d

So she’s not a kid any more. But Sasha DiGiulian, who was featured as an up and coming climber in Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids, is still making waves, this time becoming the first American woman ever to climb a route rated 5.14d… In a report in Climbing magazine by Amanda Fox, DiGiulian become the first … Read more →

9-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest to Climb Long’s Peak Diamond

Some kids have all the right genes for defying gravity. Case in point: On Aug. 31, Stella Noble, age 9, led by her father, Forrest, became the youngest person to ever climb the Diamond on Colorado’s Long’s Peak, when she summitted the Casual Route, rated 5.10c. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Stella calls the … Read more →

Take a Child Outside Week September 24-30

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to take a child outside (hopefully, you never have), now you have one: Sept. 24-30 is national Take A Child Outside Week, a program designed to help break down obstacles that keep children from discovering the natural world. “By arming parents, teachers and other caregivers with resources on outdoor … Read more →

6 Climbing Tips from Cragmama

Erica Lineberry (AKA Cragmama) isn’t about to let her 16-month-old baby, Canaan, stop her from belaying and climbing. The 30-year-old mother from Charlotte, N.C., documents her tips for including “Cragbaby” in her climbing pursuits on “During my pregnancy and Cragbaby’s early weeks my husband and I realized that we were at a stage where … Read more →

New GeoPalz Pedometers for Kids!

Now your kids have even more incentive to get outside. Thanks to a new company called GeoPalz and their new Kids Pedometer, your kids can track how far they’ve run, hiked or otherwise messed around outdoors, and convert their points into prizes. GeoPalz are pedometers and accelerometers designed for children ages five and older that … Read more →

Keen’s Hybridlife Radio Interviews Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids Author

Outdoor footwear brand Keen has built a corporate philosophy around promoting an active yet sustainable lifestyle, often with kids in tow. To help promote their “hybrid life” philosophy, they recently teamed with Portland-based radio company Pagatim to produce “Hybridlife Radio,” a weekly program launched by Laura and Todd Mansfield, the parents of two small boys … Read more →

Children’s Book Plants Seeds of Environmental Activism

A new environmental children’s book, Hannah and the Talking Tree, by Los Angeles, Calif., author and illustrator Elke Weiss, is designed to help kids care for and protect the environment they play in. Here’s the skinny: Hannah is a little girl with a special and unique gift. She has very, very big ears which enable … Read more →