Parent Tales

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Casey Becomes Junior Ranger!

We were at the end of our spring break trip through southwest Utah, first on a 5-day raft trip down the San Juan River and then a three-day exploration of slot canyons in Capitol Reef and Escalante National Parks, when the climax came for our seven-year-old daughter, Casey. For that’s when, following a book signing … Read more →

Taking Kids Into the Outdoors. An essay by Choose Outdoors’ Bob Julyan

I recently became a grandparent, to a girl named Olivia, and as I reflect upon our future together, upon what I want to give her, what I want her to remember me by, I realize that I have no higher calling than to take her into the outdoors. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Not what the … Read more →

A Visit to Keystone’s Kidtopia

Sometimes, when winter’s clutch leaves you stir-crazy with the kids, it’s time for a road trip. In Colorado, it doesn’t get much better for families than Keystone, especially during one of its new Kidtopia celebrations, a series of events over holiday weeks that celebrates kids and families.               For us, it started with one … Read more →

Horsin’ Around (Winter Carnival events offer lessons for all…especially Dad)

   “She’s going all the way to Hayden, folks!” Normally, I wouldn’t pay the announcer much mind at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club’s Winter Carnival street events. But tethered to the end of the rope, being pulled by Lightning, the fastest horse in town, was my 6-year-old daughter, Casey, holding on for dear life. … Read more →

New Indoor Freestyle Facility at Copper Mountain Lets Kids Fly High

The arm cast can’t be a good sign. “Broke it Monday,” says Iowa’s Mike Harris, 22. “Two places.” It was barely a month after the opening of Woodward at Copper, the country’s first indoor ski and snowboard training facility dedicated to park and pipe, and I was testing it out for a story for Skiing … Read more →

A Case(y) for Stand-up Paddling

Flip to the paddling chapter of the book and you’ll see a section on Stand-up Paddling, one of the latest and greatest crazes to sweep the paddling world. What is it, you ask? An age-old Polynesian technique revisited (and popularized by the likes of Laird Hamilton) whereby you stand atop a wide, stable surfboard of … Read more →

Monday Morning Watercooler Talk: A New Rope-tow Biking Technique

While everything from Striders and training wheels to trail-a-bikes and Burleys help get your children’s wheels turning, there are a few more unorthodox techniques as well.  Monday mornings at our office are always time to catch up on who did what where over the weekend. While the days of hard-core solo pursuits are slowly but … Read more →

A Pre-school River Trip, and Two New Kid PFDs from MTI

Fresh back the night before from a trip to Alaska and Washington, the day before school started might not have been the best time to turn around again and head out on a daylong river trip on the Colorado. But our friends from Boulder were going (including Brooke’s BFF, Lexi), so we unpacked from one … Read more →

A True Pedaling Prodigy

Jared’s taken it to a whole new watch-out-Lance-Armstrong level…

Sea Kayaking the Pacific Northwest

What an end to the summer. The trip started with a two-week trip to Alaska, visiting  my wife’s twin in a cabin on the Kenai), and ended taking the kids sea kayaking in the San Juan islands. With our daughters Brooke, 10, and Casey, 7, Colorado-bred, the chance to visit northern oceans doesn’t come often, … Read more →