Parent Tales

Hockey Dad Diaries: Crested Butte Powder Before the Big Game

What would you do if you if you drew the short hockey dad straw and had to drive four hip-hop-listening, 14-year-old girls, with all their gear, to their tournament six hours away in Gunnison, Colo.? You take them out of school a day early and also head to nearby Crested Butte for an early day … Read more →

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

  Growing up Easter Sunday was a time to be with friends. We weren’t a religious family, so the true message of why Easter came about was slightly lost on us young folks. We spent the day like so many of our neighbors, rolling our hand painted boiled eggs until they smashed, before sitting down … Read more →

Matt Takes the Family to Joshua Tree (Part I)

For the last three years, we’ve been remodeling our humble abode in Hollywood. Well, New Year’s came and my resolution was to have an outdoor life again — no more saving for the house, no more working on the house, just fun. Since we haven’t taken a vacation for the last five years, I granted … Read more →

A Mindful Life Approach to Getting Your Kids Outdoors

(By Kirsten Race, Mindful Life) The other morning I was on a hike with my daughter. It was a perfect setting, yet my daughter could not stop complaining that she was too tired to walk “all the way to the pond” and she might get stung by a bee and she had pebbles in her … Read more →

Building a Camping Hot Tub 101!

Whether it’s the long, cold, dark winters, high-latitude ingenuity or perhaps a few too many ions slipping through the aurora borealis-filled atmosphere, parents up in Alaska are a bit more creative — and perhaps, whacky — than most. And they have to be, what with three seasons: winter, June, July and August. Case in point: … Read more →

Steamboat Powdercats Family Kids Powder Pups Adventure

Who says kids skiing has to be confined to chairlifts at resorts? Certainly not Steamboat Powder Cats, which recently ran its first ever kids cat skiing trip atop Buff Pass in Steamboat Springs, Co. Joining our two daughters, Casey, 7, and Brooke, 12, piling in snowcat named “Tigger” were five other kids aged 2-7, all … Read more →

“Exodus” Family Plans Movement of Ja families in 37,000-mile trek across U.S.

Rolf, Jen and their son, Tayden, are taking Bob Marley’s Exodus to heart. Only instead of championing Movement of the People, they’re pushing the cause for families. With Tayden, 18 months, in tow, the parents are taking off on their Exodus Family expedition this May, embarking on a route that will take them 37,000 miles … Read more →

Montanan Shares Secrets on 5-Week Self-support Mtn. Bike Trip with Kids

By Aaron Teasdale: Since we’ve been back from our big ride, tons of people (okay, a couple people) have asked how we managed to mountain bike through the wilderness with our kids and camping gear for five weeks. After all, we’re not exactly Herculean athletes. Here’s a quick overview for anyone thinking about doing anything … Read more →

Camp Tip #113: Testing Googly Eyes at Gold Creek Lake!

I owe this tip to Catherine Newman of Disney Family Fun magazine. In a recent family camping tips story, she suggested bringing along craft glue and a bag of googly eyes to let kids make “rock pets, stick snakes, nutty friends and more.” I decided to test the theory when venturing out to Gold Creek … Read more →

12-Year-Old Notches 50 Peaks in 50 States in 50 Days

Matt Moniz accomplished his mission. After summitting 20,320-ft. Denali, the highest peak in North America on June 3rd, and a quick turnaround in Hawaii, the 12-year-old middle schooler from Boulder, Colo. (who’s sponosored by Mountain Hardwear), with his father, Mike, reached each state’s highest point in the span of 50 days. “It was a great adventure,” says … Read more →