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A River Trip Through a 12-year-old’s Eyes (Sponsored by Down River Equipment)

Want to know just how special a river trip can be for a kid? Read on for a first-person account (complete with illustrations) of a trip with her family, put together by her father Andrew, down the Green River by 12-year-old Sarah Halperin… Getting There Today was mainly just sitting in the car. My sister … Read more →

Soccer’s Shining Stars: World Cup Mania aside, what this growing sport can do for your kids

(By Suzi Mitchell) Soccer may have been around for centuries, but here in the US it’s a relatively new phenomenon. And it’s getting more kids outside than ever before… The game’s origins are unclear but it’s widely believed the first official match was played in 1863 on English soil before gathering global popularity becoming an … Read more →

National Park Service and Boys & Girls Clubs Merge Youth Outreach Efforts

Like rivers joining forces, two groups involved with getting kids outside have teamed up combine forces as well. As part of the Department of the Interior’s ambitious youth initiative to engage and employ the next generation through America’s great outdoors, the National Park Service and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America today announced they … Read more →

Great Outdoors America Week Wraps up June 26

The end of June marked the annual Great Outdoors America Week, where, while kids and parents countrywide descended upon our great outdoors, hundreds of advocates descended upon Washington, DC, to remind the nation’s leaders of the importance of getting outside as well. As part of the revelry, the Outdoors Alliance for Kids (OAK) hosted its … Read more →

McNett Donates Gear to Help Get Kids Outdoors

Kids wanting to get outside just got a boost from outdoor gear manufacturer McNett, which recently donated $4,000 in equipment to the North Cascades Institute’s gear locker as a part of its Take a Kid Outside initiative. The gear will help get kids outdoors through youth programs like Mountain School and Youth Leadership Adventures, which … Read more →

Enjoying an Adventure with Kids Who Have Allergies

Hitting the Great Outdoors with kids is great, but for youngsters battling allergies it can also prove problematic — especially during extended forays into the wilderness. Author Eve Smith shares a few of her secrets… About 18 million Americans have food allergies, including roughly 1 out of every 13 kids under the age of 18. … Read more →

Hut Trip- Add to Your Family Bucket List! (By Heather Martyn)

“A hut what?” My mother asked when I told her we were going on a hut trip. Mind you it’s February and she wondered why I would want to take my kids camping in the middle of the winter. Well, we were going camping, but this is a nice cozy cabin in the middle of … Read more →

GO KID, I’M ROOTING FOR YOU (little sportspeople’s take on starting something new)

By Suzi Mitchell When you live in a town like I do, Steamboat Springs, Colo., which has raised more Olympians than any other place in the US, it’s no surprise that your kids spend most of their time in activities. From skating to skiing, paddle boarding to soccer their time is quickly filled year round … Read more →

What Are You Waiting For? Hit the Slopes With Your Kids at These Top “Kids Ride Free” Resorts

There’s no better place to bond with your kids outdoors than on the ski slopes. Thankfully, it’s easier and more affordable than ever now thanks to the following top 10 states, from Vermont to C0lorado, involved in Learn to Ski and Snowboard’s Kids Ski Free program… A number of states offer school children special opportunities … Read more →

Geocaching: Hide-and-Seek at All Ages By Heather Martyn

A couple of years ago when my brother was living in Brisbane, Australia, he sent me an email with the subject; Geocaching. It was a picture of his 4-year-old daughter opening an ammunition box in the middle of a lush forest. I had no idea what they were doing until he later Skyped me and … Read more →