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Courtesy National Wildlife Federation.

Bags of Fall Fun

Warm days and a yard of fallen leaves might get you outside, but luring little ones to partake in a spot of raking might take some more encouragement. The National Wildlife Federation has taken the stress out of thinking up a crafty diversion through Ranger Rick’s autumn obstacle course. Soon those kiddoes will be ‘bagging’ … Read more →


Fourth-graders Rejoice — Every Kid in a Park Program Passed

It’s a good year to be a fourth-grader – or in the family of a fourth-grader – when it comes to visiting our nation’s national parks. President Barack Obama recently signed of his new Every Kid in a Park program, letting fourth graders and their families could discover our wildlife, resources, and history for free. … Read more →

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SNEWS Interview: American Hiking Society’s Gregory Miller

In an exclusive interview with outdoor industry news publisher SNEWS, Gregory Miller, president of the American Hiking Society, espouses upon the group’s new Families on Foot Initiative, an effort to direct a bright spotlight on the importance families play in getting younger people outdoors…. SNEWS: What do the numbers look like for American families getting … Read more →


Lets Get America’s Children Moving

The North Face Announces 2015 Explore Fund Grants Open for Applications $500,000 to be awarded to non-profit organizations that connect people to the outdoors Did you know that the average American child spends 53 hours a week in front of a screen? Add on the fact they spend less than 30 minutes a week of … Read more →

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Parent Tales

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The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

  Growing up Easter Sunday was a time to be with friends. We weren’t a religious family, so the true message of why Easter came about was slightly lost on us young folks. We spent the day like so many of our neighbors, rolling our hand painted boiled eggs until they smashed, before sitting down … Read more →

Taking the jogger into Joshua Tree...

Matt Takes the Family to Joshua Tree (Part I)

For the last three years, we’ve been remodeling our humble abode in Hollywood. Well, New Year’s came and my resolution was to have an outdoor life again — no more saving for the house, no more working on the house, just fun. Since we haven’t taken a vacation for the last five years, I granted … Read more →


A Mindful Life Approach to Getting Your Kids Outdoors

(By Kirsten Race, Mindful Life) The other morning I was on a hike with my daughter. It was a perfect setting, yet my daughter could not stop complaining that she was too tired to walk “all the way to the pond” and she might get stung by a bee and she had pebbles in her … Read more →


Building a Camping Hot Tub 101!

Whether it’s the long, cold, dark winters, high-latitude ingenuity or perhaps a few too many ions slipping through the aurora borealis-filled atmosphere, parents up in Alaska are a bit more creative — and perhaps, whacky — than most. And they have to be, what with three seasons: winter, June, July and August. Case in point: … Read more →